Hurricane Windows Are Your Safest Weather Technology -   Weather technology has come a long way in recent years. A long time back, if you wanted to know if it was going to rain, you’d stick your hand out the window or just wait and see. Some people could feel weather “in their bones” and would be able to tell you when it […]
Decorate Your Home With Replacement Windows - When your home needs maintenance, perhaps you are the type of person who jumps right on it. Good for you. You’re a responsible homeowner. But it’s nice to be able to update your home while you do the maintenance at times, right? Consider getting replacement windows in St Petersburg, FL that not only update the energy efficiency of your […]
Impact Resistant Windows Versus Normal Windows In A Storm - If you’re new to Florida, you’ve likely heard about the huge hurricane storms the area can have, but you don’t know what to expect until you’ve truly experienced one. The best thing you can do for yourself and your home is to protect it as best you can. Consider impact resistant windows in Tampa, FL when you […]
Combatting Storms With Hurricane Windows - If you play baseball, and you get set up as the catcher, do you really want to see ball after ball flying in your direction without the proper gear on for protection? It’s just not safe. The same can be said about living in Tampa, FL without hurricane windows. It’s just not safe. Sure, the weather predictions are […]
Impact Resistant Windows Bring Advantages - In Florida, there are times when there’s no way to avoid nasty weather like hurricanes. That’s why homes have to have either hurricane shutters or impact resistant windows in Clearwater, FL. If you currently have shutters, you might wonder why you should bother making the switch to impact resistant windows. The truth is that these windows carry […]
Make Room In The Budget With New Windows - It might sound strange, but sometimes, when you buy something new and efficient, you can actually save money. Sure, buying new windows in Clearwater, FL is going to cost you upfront. But that money comes back to you in a variety of ways later on. When your home is operating inefficiently, there are plenty of things you can do […]
How Do Hurricane Windows Work? - When you live in Florida, hurricanes are always on the mind during certain times of the year. You have to watch the weather and see what’s going to happen to protect your family and your home. If the time comes and a hurricane is headed your way, you put up your hurricane shutters. Some families […]
Impact Resistant Windows And Noise Reduction - Tampa, FL impact resistant windows were first designed to stand up against the powerful winds that hurricanes bring along with them, but they have become helpful in other areas as well. These windows help with energy efficiency and lowering utility bills, for example. But they also significantly reduce the noise you might have outside of your […]
Black Is The New White In Replacement Windows - If you are thinking of getting vinyl St Petersburg, FL replacement windows, you might think you are in for a world of white, but that’s not necessarily the case. When vinyl windows first came onto the scene in the 1970s, they were only available in white. But since that time, they’ve grown in popularity so much that […]
Replacement Windows: Things To Consider - New windows are efficient, beautiful, and easier to care for. When you need Tampa, FL replacement windows, you have a lot to think over. You’ll want to consider the color you put on your house as well as the style of the window, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Here are a few things […]
Replacement Windows = Higher Home Value in Clearwater, FL - Smart homeowners do a number of things to raise the value of their homes when they work on home improvement projects. Such projects can help you with many functional matters, but they also serve a good purpose when they raise the value of your home. You want a return on any investment you make in […]
Vinyl Windows in Tampa, FL…They Add Up! - Utility bills…do you love them or hate them? You probably don’t love them…who would? Did you know that your heating and cooling make up a large part of that bill? You can save quite a bit of money of you have the right windows on your home. And you can reduce your carbon footprint, too. As […]
Are Your Replacement Windows Ready For Hurricanes? -   When you live in Florida, you have to be weary of several things. First, you can’t leave the home and be outside for any length of time without sunscreen. And second, you need to be prepared for hurricanes. If you are looking into Clearwater, FL replacement windows, it’s important to ensure whatever windows you purchase are […]
Increase Home Value With Hurricane Windows -   There are a lot of ways you can increase the value of your home. You could renovate your kitchen or bathroom, for example. You could add a deck onto the back or re-do the landscaping to include a lovely garden or outdoor living space. There are certainly plenty of options! But if you want to increase […]
Reasons Windows Fail During Hurricanes -   Hurricane seasons can cause billions of dollars in damage. Even when certain areas that are hit receive insurance and other aid to recover from their losses, the payments can’t cover it all. And they certainly can’t replace family heirlooms, picture albums, and other treasures. There’s no way to make a home completely disaster-proof, but Clearwater, […]
Impact Resistant Windows Withstand Missile Tests - Have you heard about the impact resistant windows St Petersburg, FL homes often feature? There are only two options for windows in this area of the country. They must either have impact resistant windows or hurricane shutters to cover them during storms. Why is that? Well, if you let hurricanes damage your windows, your whole home is […]
Tips For Keeping Clearwater, FL Windows Clean All Summer - Living in Florida is a real treat. The sun shines most of the year and the weather is mild and warm most seasons. But just because you enjoy the weather doesn’t mean your Clearwater windows are going to magically stay clean. All it takes is one glance at your house to recognize there’s no such […]
Using Vinyl Windows for Summer Comfort in Clearwater - There are a lot of things that can keep you comfortable on a hot, Florida day. Air conditioning, for example, is what many people fall back on. There are also swimming pools, fans, shorts and tank tops and many other things. But what about your hurricane windows in Clearwater? They can keep you comfortable in […]
Do Replacement Windows Improve Tampa Home Values? - There are plenty of ways you can improve your home’s value in Florida, but one of the biggest projects you can take on is replacement windows in Tampa. Sure, you can tear out your whole kitchen or bathroom and renovate the entire space, but there are things you can do that actually change the inside […]
An In-Home Consultation For Possible Replacement Windows In Clearwater, FL - Anyone considering Clearwater, FL replacement windows knows it’s a big project. And no homeowner wants to take on something this large just for the fun of it. In fact, many people put it off until it’s absolutely necessary. Just because you aren’t a window expert yourself doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from advice from someone […]
Do You Want Hurricane Windows or Shutters Clearwater, FL? - Living in Clearwater, FL has distinct advantages. There aren’t many winters where you have to shovel snow, for example, or even deal with cold temperatures at all. Sure, there’s plenty of rain, but the sun always comes out after and the warm weather allows you to spend more time outside all year long. But there […]
What’s in a Replacement Window for Your Clearwater, FL Home? - Homes age, just like people. As much as you want to resist that aging process, it’s going to happen. And as your Clearwater, FL home ages, you’re going to have some maintenance projects that go along with age. When it comes to your house, nothing lasts forever. Certain things have lifespans and are going to […]
When You Need Immediate Replacement Windows In Clearwater, FL - Life happens and things often pop up with you least expect it. It doesn’t matter if you have a big presentation at work or a vacation on the horizon…the ball your kids are playing with is going to break the glass in the living room window whenever it wants to. And you’re never going to […]
Learning About Vinyl Windows in Clearwater, FL is to Your Benefit - When you choose windows for your home in Clearwater, FL, you probably look at a variety of factors including the price range, style, and your general preferences. But do you really get into the benefits that revolve around the purchase? How much does anyone really know about the windows in their home? Whether your windows […]
Natural Lighting Through Hurricane Windows - When you live in Clearwater, FL, there are a number of wonderful things you enjoy. First, you have plenty of sunshine to soak up all year long. Second, the temperatures are generally warmer than they are in other parts of the country. There are plenty of other benefits as well. However there are also downsides […]
Single, Double-Hung or Gliding Windows? - When you are looking into impact resistant windows, no matter what style you choose, you are getting something that will aid your home in the event of a storm. But luckily storms don’t happen every day in Clearwater, FL. While it might feel like it during hurricane season, there are many times in between those […]
Prepare Replacement Windows for Spring - Clearwater, FL has nice winters but even so, things happen to replacement windows on any home during the change in season. And as the weather gets nice and warmer, you want your replacement windows to look as nice as they did the first day they were installed. If you want those windows to last and […]
The Professional Replacement Window Process - Replacing the windows on your Clearwater, FL home is a huge process and a large investment. You want to make sure the job is done right once you commit to the project. You want to leave the process up to professionals with plenty of experience. Even when you go about finding replacement windows, you want […]
Let’s Make a Deal on Replacement Windows - When you go to any of your favorite stores, there are deals to be found. Whether you like to clip coupons, wait for that annual blow out sale, or shop the clearance racks, you can find deals around every corner of where you look. However, when its time to buy replacement windows for your Clearwater, […]
Do Vinyl Windows Vary? - We’ve all made mistakes in items we have purchased. Perhaps we bought a generic food brand at the store and it just doesn’t taste the same as the name brand we’re used to. It was cheaper though, right? Just because two things look the same, doesn’t mean they actually are. So when you are looking […]
Where Should You Buy New Windows? - It’s easy to tell when you need windows. If you’re building a house in Clearwater, FL, for example, you will need windows. You’ll probably look to your builder to point you in the right direction. On the other hand, if you’ve owned your home for years, you can also easily tell that your windows are […]
Where Can You Find the Best Replacement Windows? - If you need replacement windows in Clearwater, FL, there are plenty of options. You can take a look at different window stores, box stores, and even a variety of manufacturers. You’ll find they all have one thing in common—they will all say they’re the best and that you should go with them. So how do […]
Using the Right Window in the Right Location - When you are looking into windows for your Clearwater, FL home, you probably know there are tons of options. You also know that you can use different window styles in different locations in the house. That makes it all that much more complicated! If you want to go with double-hung windows all over the home, […]
Stop Cutting Money Up - Have you ever taken scissors and cut a pile of money in half? Of course not! Why would you do such a thing? Money is precious to families on a budget. Of course, perhaps a child has gotten hold of a dollar and ripped it on occasion, but that’s about as far as you’d go […]
The Importance of Opening Directions in Casement Windows - So you know you want casement windows on your home in Clearwater, FL. That’s a great decision and casement windows are highly energy efficient. Casement windows seal tighter against the house when the wind blows so they are even better for your home when it comes to energy efficiency. When you are looking for replacement […]
The Easy Mistakes to Make with Replacement Windows - When it comes to home improvement projects, there are plenty of mistakes you could make. Home improvement projects are often expensive and they can go oh so right or oh so wrong. When you’re investing in your home, the last thing you want to do is make a costly mistake. Consider these easy mistakes to […]
Getting the Best Installation for Vinyl Windows - Just as there are a lot of things that go into finding the perfect vinyl windows for your home, there are a lot of things that go into the installation of those windows. Just because you have tools doesn’t mean you can do the job. In fact, that’s true of everyone. Before you hire a […]
Guarantees on Impact Resistant Windows - When you spend thousands of dollars on new impact resistant windows, you want to know that they’re going to work well. That’s where guarantees come into play. As you look into the options available in Clearwater, FL, it’s a good idea to understand what certain guarantees mean so you can make the most of your […]
Customer Service Matters in the Window Industry - Customer service is one of the most important things any business in Clearwater, FL can provide. When you have to return something, you visit the customer service department. If the representatives are rude and unfriendly, you probably won’t remain in the store to buy something else. On the other hand, if they’re helpful and efficient, […]
Evaluating Representatives When Looking for Replacement Windows - There are a lot of things that go into getting replacement windows for your home in Clearwater, FL. But before you look at specific windows, you will need to find a company and representative to help you with the project. Though the material you choose, the glass options you decide upon, and many other factors […]
Where Would You Rather Be? - Whether you have been through a hurricane in the Clearwater, FL area or not, you know how bad they can get. If nothing else, you have seen them on TV. They’re downright terrifying! And they can do a lot of damage to homes that aren’t prepared for them. If you live in the area and […]
Don’t Cry Over New Windows - When your home starts to show its age, it can be hard on you. No one likes to see something they love age, right? But the good news is, when it comes to a home in Clearwater, FL, you have options. You don’t have to let it simply fall apart. And when you are seeing […]
Are Replacement Windows your Dream Home Improvement Project? - When you think about home improvement projects, you probably don’t automatically picture new windows, right? You might consider landscaping, bathroom remodeling, or a kitchen renovation. However, replacement windows should really be on your list to think over. They could just be your dream home improvement project. Here are a few things you want from a […]
Get Away from Outside Inside your home - When you get done working for the day, you go home and go inside for a variety of reasons. When you are tired of being outside, you go inside. When you want to cool down from the Clearwater, FL heat, you go inside. When you want to get away from the sun, you head indoors. […]
Window Glass and Energy Efficiency - Looking for new windows for your Clearwater, FL home opens up a whole can of worms. There are so many options it’s hard to figure out where to start. Most homeowners first decide on a material for the window’s frames. That’s a great place to start, but it certainly isn’t the last stop. The glass […]
Decreasing or Increasing Sizes in Replacement Windows - If you have ever envisioned a different window in a certain location of your home, there’s never a better time to make the change as when you are looking into replacement windows. As long as you are removing windows and putting in new ones, it’s a good time to improve your home’s value and appearance […]
Standard Vs. Impact Resistant Windows - As a resident of Clearwater, FL, hurricanes are a reality of life. You love where you live and you don’t want to move, but you don’t want to put yourself, your home, or your loved ones in danger. Whenever hurricane season approaches, you might live day to day with your fingers crossed. Instead of worrying […]
What You Need to Know About Hurricane Windows - Living in Clearwater, FL can feel like heaven, but it’s not perfection. You have to worry about and deal with tropical storms from time to time. In order to have your home come out the other side with as little damage as possible, it’s important to protect it as best you can. There are plenty […]
Looking for a New Home? Watch for These Window Features - Buying a house takes a lot of time and effort. It’s probably the biggest investment you’ll make in your entire life and you want it to be right. There are countless things you want to consider before plunging forward with the purchase. You will have to think about cost, square footage, number of rooms, and […]
The Search for Replacement Windows - When you are looking for replacement windows for your home, knowledge is everything. It’s the same with any larger purchase you make. You wouldn’t buy a car without knowing about the make and model of the vehicle, right? The same is true about replacement windows for your Clearwater, FL home. The more you know, the […]
Comparing Sliding to Double-Hung Windows - When you are looking for replacement windows, it can be hard to choose a material. That is the first step you will want to take. Most homeowners go with vinyl windows these days because they are cost-effective, energy efficient, and attractive. Once you settle that matter, you will have to decide what style you want […]
Bay Windows or Bow Windows? - When you live in Clearwater, FL, you have a lot of beautiful weather to enjoy. You might have a nice view outside your home as well. Even when it’s hot and humid outside, you want to enjoy the outdoor living style, even if you remain inside. That might mean getting a little creative where your […]
Upgrade to Impact Resistant Windows If… - Living in Clearwater, FL can feel like living in luxury. It’s a beautiful location with nice weather almost year round…except when the hurricanes hit. It can be a large price to pay if you’re not protected. You want your home to withstand those high winds and come out the other side in tact. If you […]
Do You Have Hurricane Windows? - Living in Clearwater, FL is lovely any time of the year…except maybe hurricane season. During that time of the year, you always worry about the weather forecasts and what those strong winds can do to your home. If you recently moved into your home and you’re still getting to know the property, you might wonder […]
Replacement Windows and Ratings - When you go to the movies, you might first read the reviews on a movie to see if it is worth your time and money first. You may want to know a lot of things about that movie. What is the plot? Does it interest you? What is the overall rating? Is there a lot […]
What Windows are Best for Each Room? - Your house isn’t like any other house in Clearwater, FL because it’s yours. Likewise, no two rooms of your house are alike. When it comes time to replace your windows, you don’t have to get the same window for every room of the house. You have plenty of options to consider. Here are a few […]
Disasters that Impact Resistant Windows Can Prevent - Your windows work hard for you and you know that, though you may not think about them and appreciate them the way you should. If you have impact resistant windows on your home in Clearwater, FL, you have made a very smart move. Impact resistant windows prevent a lot of disasters, both large and small. […]
What Can You Do with Your Windows? - If you live in an older home in Clearwater, FL, you may have to replace the windows at some point. New windows are long-lasting and highly durable, but older windows have their issues. If you have windows that won’t open or close properly, have air leaks and gaps around them, or just look old and […]
Are Replacement Windows in the Budget? - There comes a time in the life of any home in Clearwater, FL when things start to fall apart. You might first notice that the outside isn’t looking as chipper as it used to. There are plenty of things going wrong inside as well. What do you do to fix things up and bring the […]
Vinyl Windows…They Add Up! - Utility bills…do you love them or hate them? You probably don’t love them…who would? Did you know that your heating and cooling make up a large part of that bill? You can save quite a bit of money of you have the right windows on your home. And you can reduce your carbon footprint, too! […]
Lowering Electric Bills in a Home - Your home may be beautiful, but if it has any age behind it, it could be costly to maintain over the years. Older homes cause a lot of issues as you attempt to keep them in good condition, but they also often have leaks, drafts, and other inefficiencies. These can cause high electric bills, which […]
Replacement Windows = Higher Home Value - Smart homeowners in Clearwater, FL do a number of things to raise the value of their homes when they work on home improvement projects. Such projects can help you with many functional matters, but they also serve a good purpose when they raise the value of your home. You want a return on any investment […]
7 Advantages of Impact Resistant Windows - Clearwater, FL has plenty of sunshine, beautiful weather, beaches, and a lot of other advantages for those who live there. However, there are also occasionally tropical storms, which can dampen things a bit if you don’t have the right windows. You have two options when it comes to protecting your windows during those scary storms. […]
Preparing for Replacement Windows - If you’re losing cool air in the Clearwater, FL heat, it might be time for replacement windows. You want to find the best replacement windows because you know it’s an investment, and you won’t have to make it again any time soon if you choose quality now. Installing the best quality replacement windows takes some […]
Home Energy Conservation Tips - When you own a home in Clearwater, FL, you know what your energy bills are like. There aren’t many homeowners who wouldn’t like lower bills. You want to try to lower those bills any way you can, but those utility bills might seem out of control. In order to take back the control, you need […]
Why Do You Want Hurricane Windows? - When you live in Clearwater, FL, you know hurricanes are a possibility during certain times of the year, and you want to protect your home and possessions from those possibilities. But why should you go with hurricane windows over shutters or another option? There are a variety of reasons. Here are just a few to […]
Never Overlook Window Energy Efficiency - When you are looking into windows for your Clearwater, FL house, there are a number of things you will want to check out. You will care about what the windows look like and where you can find the best quality replacement windows. You will also consider the accessories like cranks, locks, and handles. You will […]
Best Replacement Windows For Your Home - Choosing replacement windows for your home sounds simple enough, but when you are replacing windows in your Clearwater, FL home, you want to consider all the options. You don’t necessarily have to get the same windows (only new) that you had before. You have more choices now than ever before. When it comes to the […]
What Do Impact Resistant Windows Resist? - When you hear about impact resistant windows, it seems obvious what they resist. But there’s a lot more to them than you would think. If you are considering installing them on your Clearwater, FL home, it is best to know all the details so you can make an informed decision. So what do impact resistant […]
Replace One Room and See - If you have been considering replacement windows, you might be worried about replacing the whole house full of windows at once. It is certainly a big investment, but there are many benefits to going that route and getting it all done at once. However, if you don’t want to take the leap, simply replace one […]
Homeowners Should Want Replacement Windows - If your old windows are giving you trouble…you know, constant drafts, they won’t open and close and so on, you might sigh in frustration. You don’t want to have to go through a home improvement project in your Clearwater, FL house! They can be expensive! And inconvenient! But when you look at the other side […]
Hurricane Windows Aren’t Just for Hurricanes - When you live in Clearwater, FL, you think about hurricanes from time to time. You have to! They happen in the area and they’re downright scary! So there might be plenty of reasons to get hurricane windows, most of which have to do with helping your home in the event of a hurricane. But there […]
Are Replacement Windows For You? - When it comes to home improvement projects, some interest you more than others. You may not want to add a deck to the back of your house like other people in your neighborhood, and that’s okay! You might like the old-world fashion in your bathroom and that’s fine too! So when it comes to replacement […]
Replacement Windows or Increased Bills? - As a homeowner, you constantly have to make decisions about your house. You can’t always afford to do everything you want to do when it comes to home improvement and maintenance projects. Sometimes, you have to decide between a number of items. Do you want to buy a new dishwasher or a different washing machine? […]
Vinyl Windows…Your Dream Come True! - When you wake up from a dream in Clearwater, FL, it probably varies as to what the dream was about, right? Sometimes you dream about surfing in the ocean. Other times, you are swept off your feet by a good-looking celebrity. But have you ever had a dream about vinyl windows? It’s unlikely, but perhaps […]
What Will An Energy Audit Show About Your Home? - If you want to improve the performance of your home and keep costs low, especially when it comes to heating and cooling the house, you might be concerned about energy efficiency. Research shows that you can have a more energy-efficient home, anywhere from 5-30%, by making certain changes to your house. But what changes do […]
How Replacement Windows Can Turn a Bathroom into a Spa Experience - We all love to visit the spa, right? Who couldn’t use time away and extra relaxation these days! Wouldn’t it be nice if the bathroom in your Clearwater, FL home felt more like a spa than a regular, everyday bathroom? In today’s fast-paced world, luxury is a necessity in order to inspire, rejuvenate, and restore […]
Making a House Feel Like Home - When you move into a new house in Clearwater, FL, you might feel a bit like a fish out of water at first. If someone else used to live in the home, it might still feel like “their” house, even though you technically own it. They painted the walls, chose the flooring, and put other […]
Home Staging: How to Sell Fast - Many purchase decisions are based on emotions…and that includes buying a house. Once a prospective buyer makes up their mind about your house, one way or the other, it’s hard to change it. If you are going to sell your home in Clearwater, FL, it’s best to take some time to prepare your home for […]
Reasons to Consider Replacement Windows FIRST - If your home in Clearwater, FL needs updates and you know it, you might have a long list of things you want or even need to do. Let’s face it, budgets are limited. There’s only so much you can do at a time, even if you want to get it all over with at once. […]
Make Good Decisions for Your Home - When you have children, you want to make good decisions for them so they can grow into happy, healthy adults. When you invest in a property like a house, you want to make good decisions there as well to protect your investment and make it a comfortable place for you and your family to live. […]
Your Home’s Best Defenses Against Florida Heat - You live in Clearwater, FL for a number of reasons. Maybe your family lives there and you grew up there. Perhaps you took a great job in the area. Or maybe you moved to Florida because you like the warmer winters. Whatever the reason, you have to admit, it can get hot in Clearwater! When […]
Treat Yourself to a Summer Vacation at Home - When spring weather rolls around in Clearwater, FL, you might start having wistful thoughts about summer. Perhaps you are even dreading it because you don’t like the extra heat and humidity that comes along with it. There’s no reason not to enjoy your summer vacation, even if you don’t leave your house! In fact, you […]
The Difference of a Few Millimeters - There are a lot of reasons you might choose Clearwater Window & Door Inc to install replacement windows in your home. We’ve been doing just that all around Clearwater, FL since 1957! We know the area and we know windows! We have a good reputation and good references to share with you. All of that […]
Impact Resistant Windows…Benefits Beyond Hurricane Protection! - When you live in Clearwater, FL, hurricanes might be your biggest fear. Otherwise, Clearwater is a lovely, sunny place to live. But since hurricanes come along from time to time, you have to take precautions to protect your home and family. Florida building codes want you to have shutters on your windows or impact resistant […]
Safety Items Revolving Around Your Windows - Home security may not be something you think about on a normal basis, but if someone breaks into your home, or there’s a big storm on the radar, your mind goes into overdrive. Rather than panic later, it is a good idea to think about safety issues that revolve around your windows. Shore up your […]
The Importance of the In-Home Consultation - If you are considering replacement windows for your home in Clearwater, FL, you are about to make a big commitment. Clearwater Window & Door Inc understands the value in replacement windows decisions and we want to do everything we can to help you from start to finish. Whether you are sure you want replacement windows […]
FAQ: Hurricane Windows - Want to know more about impact and hurricane windows in Clearwater, FL? Here are a few common questions we get from our customers: When did Impact Windows Become a Priority? IN 1992 hurricane Andrew hit the Florida coast, causing an estimated $25 billion in damages. Around 150,000 to 250,000 people were left without homes. This […]
5 Benefits of Impact Resistant Windows - The frequency of hurricanes and tropical storms along the coast are a huge concern. So manufacturers and home builders needed to step up their game to meet the stringent Florida building codes.  Impact resistant windows are one of the upgrades. These windows protect your home immediately after installation. No need for boards or hurricane shutters. […]