Impact Resistant Windows Bring Advantages

In Florida, there are times when there’s no way to avoid nasty weather like hurricanes. That’s why homes have to have either hurricane shutters or impact resistant windows in Pinellas County. If you currently have shutters, you might wonder why you should bother making the switch to impact resistant windows. The truth is that these windows carry [...]

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Impact Resistant Windows And Noise Reduction

Pinellas Country, FL impact resistant windows were first designed to stand up against the powerful winds that hurricanes bring along with them, but they have become helpful in other areas as well. These windows help with energy efficiency and lowering utility bills, for example. But they also significantly reduce the noise you might have outside of [...]

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Reasons Windows Fail During Hurricanes

Hurricane seasons can cause billions of dollars in damage. Even when certain areas that are hit receive insurance and other aid to recover from their losses, the payments can’t cover it all. And they certainly can’t replace family heirlooms, picture albums, and other treasures. There’s no way to make a home completely disaster-proof, but Pinellas County [...]

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Impact Resistant Windows Withstand Missile Tests

Have you heard about the impact resistant windows St Petersburg, FL homes often feature? There are only two options for windows in this area of the country. They must either have impact resistant windows or hurricane shutters to cover them during storms. Why is that? Well, if you let hurricanes damage your windows, your whole home is [...]

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