A Stunning Foyer Adds Value

If you have ever tried to sell a home, you know a lot of details matter a great deal. First, the home has to have curb appeal, or you won’t ever get anyone through the door. A big part of curb appeal is having hurricane windows in St. Petersburg, FL. These newer windows look fresh from the outside and they show potential buyers that the home will be well protected in the event of a storm. Because of that, buyers are willing to pay more for the house and you as the homeowner can ask for a higher price and more likely get it. But once those buyers get through the front door, they need to continue to be impressed. That all starts with the entryway or foyer. Since that space is usually small, here are a few ways to impress those looking to buy your home.

Ensure The Front Door Is High In Quality

Not only do the windows show from outside, but the front door will as well. You’ll need to make sure it is in good shape on both sides so guests will appreciate its appearance. You can replace the whole door or even just the doorknob to make sure it looks fresh enough. For certain doors, you could coat it with fresh paint for a new look. The door needs to be on point to set the right impression upfront.

Pay Attention To Lighting

There should be natural lighting in the foyer to make the space really look welcoming and nice. It doesn’t have to be harsh, but rather should be soft. You might want to add windows beside or above the front door, for example, to give that area light without being overwhelming or too bright.

Clean Windows

Any windows that can be seen from the entryway need to be clean to give a good impression. When the sun is coming through, fingerprints and dirt can show with ease. Buff those windows and make sure they are gleaming whenever guests are going to come to view the house. That can be hard with pets and children, but it’s a must.

Place A Mat

Put a welcome mat outside the entry door so people feel greeted and welcomed to the home. You can also put a rug on the inside for shoes and to coordinate with the flooring with style. These mats add a personalized touch that can draw people in and have them imagine their own life inside that home.

If you don’t already have hurricane windows in St. Petersburg, FL on your home, it might not matter how nice the entryway looks. These windows are important to your home sale and will make your house more attractive to buyers than many other features. If you need to move ahead with that project, contact the professionals at Clearwater Window & Door Inc to get information on what you need to do to take steps in that direction for the good of your home sale.

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