Changes To Consider Making With Hurricane Windows

When you get hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL, you know your home is going to be a better place to live. It’s going to be protected from hurricane storms and these windows are more energy efficient than other windows on the market. They bring a lot of benefits to them, even if you get the same size and type that you have now. However, when you get new windows, you also have the opportunity to make changes to the configurations. Here are a few things to at least think about changing.

Change Windows To Larger Sizes

Older windows were often smaller than the windows that are in style today. You might want to consider getting windows that are larger in size to suit your home better and bring in more natural light. You can get the same number of windows, but make them taller and perhaps wider as well, depending on what you have room to do.

Pick A Different Style

Window styles can make your home look completely different and they can also ventilate and bring in light in different ways. If you want to try something different, you might consider a different window style. Perhaps you have double hung now and switching that for casement windows will bring more light into the house and it will also allow you to have better ventilation on a nice day. You can go the other direction, too, from casement to double hung. Or, you might keep your basic style, but put in a bay or bow window in a certain location to add style to that room.

Choose A New Color

If you were to start really looking at windows as you drive around, you will notice that most of them are white. That doesn’t mean that’s what you have to do, though it is a classic color that will always look nice in your home. Consider what color your home is now and what you might want to paint it in the future. If you want to be able to change the paint, black and white windows are best. If you want it to remain the same, you can match the home’s coloring with a darker or lighter tone of the same color, if you want.

Different Hardware Options

Hardware is like a finishing touch on a window’s style. You can get something that blends in and makes the window look minimalistic and streamlined, or you can get something that stands out and shines as a finishing touch. There are lots of hardware choices and you might want to match your doorknobs or do something else in your home.

Adding More Windows

Another thing you can do when you get hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL adds more windows to your walls. You might have space above, below, or beside current windows or you might want to add windows to the bathroom or another room that doesn’t have them. It can bring your home around to a whole new level.

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