Getting Hurricane Windows Before Your Vacation

If you have a summer vacation planned, there may be certain things you are doing to protect your home while you are away. Maybe you are having a neighbor check in on the plants and keep an eye on things. Perhaps you had the mail held back so no packages will sit on your porch for too long. You may even time lights to go on and off inside so it looks like someone is home. Something that you might want to consider a bit further in advance is getting hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL. Here are a few reasons you should get these windows installed before you take off on vacation.

Hurricane Protection

While forecasters are very good at predicting hurricanes once they arrive on radar, you never know exactly when they might come around. If a hurricane were to appear while you are away, you won’t be home to put up the hurricane shutters. That can be a huge ordeal for your home. Instead, if you have the windows installed before you leave, you’ll have hurricane protection without doing a thing—whether you are home or not. You can ensure that your house and its contents will be safe when you return, storm or no storm,

Intruder Protection

There are only so many things you can do to make it look like you are home. If someone is watching your home closely enough, they’re going to notice that there’s no one going in or out and they might try something while you are away. But hurricane windows can prevent them from breaking through the glass, which is usually the most vulnerable part of a home. Instead, the glass is strong and won’t allow intruders in. That might deter them from even trying.

hurricane windows in Tampa, FL

Energy Efficiency

It’s a real bite to come back from vacation and have a huge energy bill for air that you weren’t even home to use. When your home has hurricane windows on it, you don’t have to worry about that bill is large. In fact, every energy bill will be nice and low and you won’t be wasting air or energy any longer. You can even set your AC higher than normal while you are gone and save even more energy.

These are just a few of the reasons why you might want to get hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL before you head out on vacation this year. If you have your vacation scheduled, start looking into the windows in advance so you can get them set and installed before you head out. You might even want them installed as early as possible before the vacation so you can enjoy them before you go and look forward to enjoying them more when you come back. Contact the professionals at Clearwater Window & Door Inc. and we can help you get everything in before you take off. Let us know when your vacation is and how much of a budget you have available for this project and we’ll fit it all in from there.

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