Hurricane Window Trends

Getting hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL for your home isn’t something you have to do very often. You get new windows maybe once during the lifetime of your home. They last for decades and since they are going to be on your house for so long, you are going to want to appreciate their results. There are plenty of trends within any industry, including in the hurricane window industry. Knowing the trends, and what is classic, can help you get something that will be in style now, and stay in style later. Here are a few current, but classic, trends.

Black Frame Colors

Black window frames are taking over the market. While white is still the most popular color, black is considered stylish and trendy, but they also won’t go out of style. Black is a color that will look nice with any light-colored home. You can paint your home another light color later on and the black frames will still look good. Plus, they have a way of framing the windows to make them stand out as a nice feature on the home. Black is the second most popular window color on the market, and with good reason.

Natural Wood Looks

Even if you don’t want to get wood windows, which is understandable since they take so much work, you can get windows that look like wood. That natural wood look is warm and inviting and something that has gained popularity over the years. Wood has always been popular, but people got used to the look of vinyl and the popular white colors. But you can get windows today in vinyl or other materials that give off that wood appeal to suit your want for warmth.

Larger Window Glass Spaces

Any hurricane windows you get will likely let in more natural light than your old windows because window frames are smaller today, which allows you to have more glass space. But having larger windows with even more glass space is a huge trend that isn’t going anywhere. People know that natural light lets rooms look more open and inviting, as well as larger. Windows also give off a nice view and they can ventilate better if they are bigger, too. If there are areas that can give you larger windows, it might be something to consider.

Arched Shapesreplacement windows Clearwater, FL

Windows are generally rectangular in shape, but unique window shapes are a good thing to consider as well to give your home a unique look. Placing windows above a regular bank of windows that are arched, for example, can bring something extra to the room and add aesthetics to the exterior as well. You can also put an arched shape above a doorway, perhaps, or in a hallway that is too dark.

When you look into hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL, it’s smart to talk to the professionals about the current trends and what is classic so you can ensure it will stick around. You want something that will last for decades, as the windows will.

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