Hurricane Windows Are Your Safest Weather Technology

Weather technology has come a long way in recent years. A long time back, if you wanted to know if it was going to rain, you’d stick your hand out the window or just wait and see. Some people could feel weather “in their bones” and would be able to tell you when it was going to rain. Now, however, we have sophisticated systems that not only tell us when weather will take place, but often how much. That kind of weather technology can really help keep people safe. However, in St Petersburg, FL, hurricane windows are still your safest bet.  

You’ve probably heard on the recent news that hurricane Michael hit the area hard and fast. Meteorologists were all over it with up-to-the-minute information. At first, the storm was showcasing as a category two. That’s a nasty storm, but still something that could be dealt with. However, the storm decided to strengthen and by the time it hit land, it was a category four storm. This is downright dangerous. No matter how much information weather people are able to give and no matter how many warnings you listen to, the only way to truly combat such a storm is advance preparation.  

Florida residents are smart to have an evacuation plan in place. They should have snacks and water packed and ready to roll during storm season because you never know when the storms are going to hit or how bad they’ll be when they arrive. That information comes in bit by bit as weather forecasters gather it and get it out to the public. Be prepared to take off for your own safety, when necessary.  

While advance warning is a great way to stay safe in harsh weather, one of the safest pieces of technology that has come along in the window industry are hurricane windows. These impact resistant windows work to protect your house in the event of hurricane force winds. The windows can take a beating and still not break. Winds throw around quite a bit of debris and if it hits your windows, your home is still safe. This is a big deal because once the wind gets through a window and into a home, the rain goes with it, causing even more damage. You could even have major structural damage to a roof if the wind tries to find a way out by going up.   

Instead of watching the weather and waiting for warnings and information to act, it’s best to be prepared as far in advance as possible with hurricane windows in St Petersburg, FLIf you’re ready to make the change to your home now, contact Clearwater Window & Door Inc by calling (727) 559-7007. We can give you advice on what’s best for your home depending on your individual situation. We want you to get the protection you need at a price you can afford. Please contact us through our showroom at 2025 Gulf to Bay Blvd, Pinellas County 33765. Stop by and see us.

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