Impact Resistant Windows Versus Normal Windows In A Storm

If you’re new to Florida, you’ve likely heard about the huge hurricane storms the area can have, but you don’t know what to expect until you’ve truly experienced one. The best thing you can do for yourself and your home is to protect it as best you can. Consider impact resistant windows in Pinellas Country, FL when you are replacing the windows on your home. Here are a few ways impact resistant windows are different from normal windows when a storm comes through.  

Breakage Differences 

Impact resistant windows are just like their name indicates—they resist impacts. They have actually been tested by missiles so you know they can hold up well against a variety of things that might be thrown against them. If a golf ball hits a normal window, the window cracks, shatters, or breaks. If that same ball hits an impact resistant window—nothing. You want your windows to be able to stand up to anything that flies their way, during a storm or in other instances. That’s one of the biggest advantages to impact resistance windows during a hurricane.  

Wind Resistance 

Regular windows are rather easy to break and once the high winds of a storm break your windows, the wind comes into the home and wreaks havoc. Your belongings will fly around and the pressure in your home will rise, even with just one broken window. The wind will seek a way out and it will often push up, damaging your roof or even tearing it off completely. When you have impact resistance windows, the glass doesn’t break in the first place so you don’t have to worry about what the wind will do inside.  

Water Damage 

After a window breaks, all of the rain that comes with the wind in the storm can get into the house as well. It can ruin furniture, flooring, possessions, and even cause major structural damage. It’s not easy to clean water up once it permeates a home and there are even dangerous mold issues that can arise. But impact resistant windows can keep that water from ever coming in. If the windows stay intact, the water stays outside and beats against the house instead of coming in. The damage is kept outside so there aren’t as many worries with the interior of the home.  

While impact resistant windows in Pinellas Country, FL can help protect your home against the big storms, they are pretty handy in the off-seasons as well. They protect houses from children playing ball in the street and other accidents that can occur around windows. They’re also highly energy efficient so you can lower your energy bills to help pay yourself back from the initial investment. Are you ready to take advantage of all that and more? Contact the professionals at Clearwater Window & Door Inc by calling (727) 559-7007. We’re here to answer your questions and give you advice as to whether or not you should make the switch on your home. See us in person at 2025 Gulf to Bay Blvd, Pinellas County 33765. 

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