Preparing Your Home for Window Replacement in Pinellas, FL

You have finally decided to replace the windows in your home. Replacing hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL, is a great investment. It will update the aesthetics of your home, help conserve energy and increase the value of your home.

Window replacement takes at least a couple of days in an average home but may take more time in bigger homes or homes with multiple stories. Replacing your hurricane windows will be of great value to you but may cause some minor inconveniences.

You may have questions on how to help the replacement move smoothly. We have summed up a few tips to help you prepare for the installation of the windows.

Clear a path to access windows and doors

You must clear a path to help the technicians access the doors and windows. Have at least two feet of clear way to the windows and doors as the technician will be carrying heavy windows through the house. The hurricane windows replacement technicians will also need a place to place their tools.

Ensure that you remove important papers and small items that the wind may carry away as they will be exposed after the technicians remove the old windows. If you have patio furniture that could cause obstruction, remove them as they may hinder the installation process.

Protect your property

Window installation is a dusty job. The window installers will come with drape clothes to put below the windows to reduce the mess; however, you need to protect your belongings. You may need some drape clothes to cover the furniture and other belongings. Electronics such as computers, printers, and TVs should be covered as the dust will ruin them.

Preparing your home for hurricane window replacement should be an easy job and not time-consuming. If you have flowerbeds near the windows, cover them with a horticulture net to avoid damage to the plants.

Remove wall decorations

During a window replacement process, there will be vibrations from the tools used. Ensure you remove all the wall decorations as the vibrations may make them to fall and break. It would help if you also covered them to avoid getting dust on them.

As you clear the walls, ensure you remove all the window treatments such as curtains, blinds, and sheer to give the window installers an easy time and avoid damage. If you have permanent fixtures on the windows, you should ask your technician if you need to remove them.

Disarm the alarms

hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL

If you have a home alarm, get the alarm company to come before the scheduled installation time and deactivate the alarms. The vibrations from the window replacement may cause false alarms. Remember to call the security company back once the installation is over to reactivate the alarms.

You need not stay unprotected longer than you have to. Hurricane window replacement companies in Pinellas, FL, are not alarm experts; ensure you contact your security company to avoid delays in your window replacement process.

Preparing your home for a window replacement will help the process go much faster and prevent accidents.

If you need hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL, contact us to get the best quote for your home.

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