Replacing Old Windows With Hurricane Windows Before You Move

There are lots of things you know you want to do to your home before you move. But is getting hurricane windows in St. Petersburg, FL on the list? Perhaps it should be. You know you will want to put a fresh coat of paint in the kitchen, remove clutter and family pictures, and clean everything from top to bottom. But do you really want to invest in your home by putting new windows in right before you move? Here are a few reasons why it might be a good idea.

Hurricane Windows Bring Buyers In

The first thing anyone who looks at your house will notice is the outside. The curb appeal is very important to your home’s sale. That first impression matters. If they aren’t impressed but the outside of the house, they won’t even bother coming inside. If you leave your house as it is now, you may notice that no one is coming inside to see more. Why is that? Possibly because of the windows. If your windows are old and saggy, it shows from outside and no one cares to come in. When you put in hurricane windows first, you get buyers through the door. They’re interested enough to see more.

Buyers Appreciate Safety

While everyone wants to be comfortable in their home, above all else, safety is key. When someone looks into buying your house, they want to make sure their family will be safe in it. Safety is one of the things that hurricane windows can bring. Not only do these windows allow your home to be safe and secure in the hurricane storms that tend to come through the area, but the home is safeguarded against everyday events as well, like intruders, balls that are thrown poorly, and other such incidents. Buyers appreciate that level of protection.

Energy Efficiency Is Always A Selling Point

Which home would you rather have…one that loses air like crazy and has huge energy bills or one that has low energy bills and is airtight? Of course, anyone would like a home that has high levels of energy efficiency. Buyers want to save money, not spend more money. That makes hurricane windows attractive because they are huge money savers since they bring efficiency to the home. Putting them on before you put the house on the market can attract people faster and entice them to pay more for your home.

These are a few reasons why you might want to invest in hurricane windows in St. Petersburg, FL before you place your house on the market. Talk to your realtor about the project and see if it is something that would benefit your home’s sale. Often, putting new windows will help your home sell faster and at a higher price. You don’t want it sitting on the market, after all. The professionals at Clearwater Window & Door Inc can help you streamline the process in whatever way possible.

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