High-Performance Hurricane Windows in Tampa, FL

hurricane windows in Clearwater FL 300x188Here in Florida, we all understand the critical importance of quality window and door products that will resist the intensity of hurricane wind speeds. Since 2001, newly built homes in risk-prone areas are required to have hurricane windows or shutters. But unless it’s your stock and trade, these products are not something most of us are overly familiar with. So, when the time comes to install new hurricane windows in Tampa, FL, what do you need to know as a consumer?

We think it’s a good idea to get familiar with hurricane window products to understand their relative advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few details to get you started:

How Hurricane Windows Are Made

After Hurricane Andrew decimated areas of Florida in 1992, the state saw a need to improve their building code requirements to address the widespread window failures during that storm. They turned their attention to the automotive industry for glass solutions that were impact resistant. Manufacturers responded to the call by creating hurricane resistant windows. These windows are built with reinforced frames and tempered laminated glass. You might ask: what kind of glass is that?

A bit of background may be helpful here:

Advantages of Hurricane Windows in Tampa, FL

You might think that the primary benefit of hurricane windows is that they prevent stormwater and debris from entering and wreaking havoc on a home. While that is true, the greatest advantage of hurricane windows is actually structural in nature. Storm studies have demonstrated that most homes that are destroyed in a hurricane happen because of the sudden changes in pressure that occurs when the home’s windows and doors fail and blow out. The rapid increase in air pressure can implode the home, blowing the roof off and collapsing the walls. Other advantages of hurricane windows include:

Disadvantages of Hurricane Windows

If you live in a hurricane zone, the benefits of installing hurricane windows seem to outweigh the drawbacks. But that doesn’t mean the drawbacks don’t exist. They do, and they matter. As you evaluate whether now is the right time to upgrade your home’s storm defenses, consider the following points.


Hurricane windows need to be properly installed if they are expected to perform under the stressful conditions they will inevitably encounter. Not every general contractor is qualified to install the various hurricane windows that are out there. They might not have the specialized knowledge required to install a specific manufacturer’s hurricane-rated window system, or they might lack the training or expertise. Be sure your installer is qualified to perform the installation so that you avoid any future warranty voidance issues.

No-Cost Consultation

Homeowners that choose to invest in hurricane windows will sleep a lot better at night, knowing their home is prepared for the next big one. The benefits of owning and installing hurricane windows in Tampa, FL are worth it. If you’d like to talk to one of our pro’s here at Clearwater Window & Door Inc., give us a call at (727) 559-7007. You can also stop by our showroom in the area, located at 2025 Gulf to Bay Blvd, Clearwater, FL 33765.

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