Are Hurricane Windows Worth The Extra Money?

As you start to look into replacement windows of any kind, you will notice there are standards. Replacement windows come with double pane glass that includes air fillings between the glass. That’s the average, standard window. However, you can add upgrades to those windows to get more from them for your family. One such option that is important to consider in this region of the country is hurricane windows in St. Petersburg, FL. Keep in mind that any upgrade you add to a window is going to cost more than the average window. That means that hurricane windows are going to cost more than standard windows. However, they might just be worth it. Here are a few reasons that they are:

Hurricane Windows Save More On Energy Bills

While any new window you put in will probably help your energy bills, when you think about the fact that hurricane windows can block high winds, it only makes sense that they would be excellent at blocking out small winds as well. Hurricane windows seal up the home tighter than any other window, which will save you even more on energy bills. Yes, they cost more. But on the other side of the installation, you save more. And that savings lasts for decades, which is plenty of time to pay yourself back for the extra you paid upfront.

Hurricane Windows Raise Value

Again, any new windows are going to raise the value of your home, but hurricane windows are even more desirable. People want these kinds of windows in this area of the country. Whether they’ve lived here a long time or they’ve seen the storms on the news, hurricanes are likely to happen. And anyone looking to buy your home in the future is going to want windows to protect the property. They’ll pay more for a home that has hurricane windows, which means you can pay yourself back even further.

Hurricane Windows Block Noise

Hurricane windows look like any other window, but they have a bigger job and they rise up to the occasion. Another thing they will do for your home is to add insulation against outside noise. You won’t hear nearly as much from outside coming in so you can enjoy the peace and quiet and a new level of relaxation at any time.

Are hurricane windows in St. Petersburg, FL worth the extra costs? Only you can decide that. As the homeowner, you get to make all of the decisions for your home on this project. The professionals at Clearwater Window & Door Inc can help you come to the right conclusions with the information you need to make wise decisions. We’re here to help you with a free consultation and ideas and recommendations along the way. We’ll never pressure you into anything, but instead will be here to answer your questions when you have them. We want your home to have the windows you need at a price you can afford, whatever that ends up being.

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