Are Impact Windows Entirely Unbreakable?

Impact windows have seen a significant alteration in the more than 25 years that people have used them to combat the issue of hurricane season. Despite this, some individuals still need to decide whether purchasing them is wise. This page will help you make an ideal decision if you need more clarification on installing unbreakable hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL.

What Does Unbreakable Glass Mean?

Unbreakable glass, at its most basic level, cannot be broken. However, it will still break if you strike with power. Here are the two products that are currently marketed as unbreakable impact windows.

Polycarbonate Windows

Although technically not glass, polycarbonate windows can be as clear as glass while being around 250 times stronger and 50% to 60% lighter than glass. In addition, polycarbonate is a fantastic and unbreakable option for windows as it is constructed of thick synthetic resin panels.

Although polycarbonate windows are extremely difficult to break, shatter, or crack, the material is much softer than glass, making it more susceptible to weather damage. In addition, when polycarbonate gets too hot, it expands and somewhat changes shape. This may impact the window’s fit in the frame or the effectiveness of the latches closing.

Glass Laminated Windows

Laminate windows are created using regular glass and clear plastic. These windows are constructed from safety glass that resembles the windshield glass found in automobiles. It is made from two or more layers of glass that are held together and joined by thin plastic layers. The plastic layer is sandwiched between two glass layers used by pressure and heat.

Laminated glass is nearly as easy to break as conventional glass. What happens to the shattered glass makes all the difference. The plastic between the glass layers will hold the pieces together and prevent them from falling apart, even if an impact is significant enough to break the layers.

For this reason, when someone attempts to break laminated glass, they typically end up with a cracked window but no way to get inside. On the other hand, laminated glass is heavier than conventional glass and should only be installed by a qualified professional.

Do Impact Windows Make Sense?

You are mistaken if you believe impact windows and ordinary windows are interchangeable. These are the windows that are designed to withstand storm damage. They are typically used in areas that have recently experienced a severe storm or where weather issues are frequent.

hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL

The windows’ interior consists of two highly sturdy pieces of glass with a laminated layer sandwiched in between. Both polycarbonate and laminated impact windows work well to keep people out. They are ideal if you are looking for glass that someone cannot break to prevent break-ins. They can serve as a deterrent in many circumstances.

Besides, if you go with one of the solutions above, you won’t need to replace your window frames. Instead, you can install them in pre-existing frames, reducing the cost of renovations.

It is wise to take additional precautions to shield your house against storm damage. You want everything to be the same when you return home if you have to go. For this reason, you should engage us for assistance in installing polycarbonate and laminated hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL.

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