Do You Want Hurricane Windows or Shutters Pinellas County?

Living in Pinellas County has distinct advantages. There aren’t many winters where you have to shovel snow, for example, or even deal with cold temperatures at all. Sure, there’s plenty of rain, but the sun always comes out after and the warm weather allows you to spend more time outside all year long. But there are downsides to living in Clearwater, too, just like anywhere else. And the biggest disadvantage rolls around during hurricane season. The storms can be brutal and you need to do what you can to protect your home as best you can.

Homes in this area of the country have to be equipped with certain protection in order to combat these storms that often come through the area. They have to have, for example, either hurricane windows or shutters to cover and protect their regular windows. If you have one and are thinking about switching to the other, you might wonder which option is best for your needs. Let’s take a look at the two options so you can make an informed decision.

The Purpose:

Both hurricane windows and shutters serve the same purpose—to protect your home. Shutters are put into place to block the windows from flying debris so they don’t break and cause damage to the home. Hurricane windows are in place to do the same. They are glass, but they are strong and they don’t break like regular glass does so they also protect a house from hurricane winds and flying objects.

The Differences:

While both hurricane windows and shutters do the same thing in Pinellas County homes, shutters are not always in place. They’re large and bulky and they cover windows, so no one wants them on their home all of the time. When you hear that a bad storm is coming, you get them out and put them into place. With hurricane windows, they are always there. If a storm comes through unexpectedly, you don’t have to rush to get ready. The windows are there and they are ready at all times. Shutters aren’t necessarily attractive and you don’t want them up when you need them. But hurricane windows look just like any other window and fit into your house with style. They aren’t big and bulky like you might think. They look great and streamlined on any style home.

The Result:

Either option can work to protect your home, but if you are in the market for new windows anyway, it might be a good chance to make the switch to hurricane windows. They offer other benefits over protecting your home because they are energy efficiency and tend to lower utility bills as well, among other things.

If you’re considering hurricane windows for your house in Pinellas County, contact the experts at Clearwater Window & Door Inc at 727-559-7007 and we’ll go over more of the benefits with you. You can also come see hurricane windows in our showroom so you can recognize just how lovely they are. Stop by and see us at 2025 Gulf to Bay Blvd, Pinellas County 33765.

Do You Want Hurricane Windows or Shutters Pinellas County?

In Pinellas County, you can have hurricane windows in Pinellas County or shutter to protect your home from strong winds and storms. Which is better for your needs? There are advantages to the window option.

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