Enjoying Florida During The Storms

It’s not hard to enjoy Florida on most occasions. It’s sunny almost year round and while there are frequent bouts of light rain, it doesn’t last long before the sun comes out again. There are plenty of beaches, lots of entertainment, and activities for everyone. But there are also seasons of the year when it’s a little harder to enjoy Florida life—hurricane seasons. When those times of the year come around, you can still enjoy the state, but probably only if you have hurricane windows in Pinellas County. Here are a few ways you will enjoy your home, even during the storms.

The View

You might have a stellar view outside of your home on a nice day, but if you don’t have hurricane windows and a storm is threatening, like Dorian recently did, you might get out the hurricane shutters and board up the windows. Do they help protect your home? Sure! The windows are completely covered with the boards so they aren’t as threatened by debris and winds. However, if you hole up inside, you can’t see a thing. You can’t see the storm hitting land and you can’t see the wind blowing things around. Storms can be fascinating to watch from a safe location. When you’re inside a home with hurricane windows, you’re safe and you can see it all.

The Peace Of Mind

It’s easy to get stressed out and worked up when you watch the weather channels and see the forecasters predicting dire things. Whether or not they are blowing things out of proportion, it’s easy to feel the fear of these awe-inspiring storms. When you live in a home with hurricane windows, however, you have the peace of mind that the storms can’t touch you. They can throw bricks against your windows and still not get in. You’re safe and the interior of your home is safe as well. You might have damage outside, but that’s a lot less than you’d have without hurricane windows.

Family Safety

As much as you want to protect your home, there’s nothing more important than protecting your family. You can actually enjoy hearing what the storm is going to do when you have hurricane windows because you know your family is much safer and better off than they would be in a house with normal windows. So watch the news and see what’s coming on. Your family will be okay.

If you’re interested in getting hurricane windows in Pinellas County before the next storm threatens the area, contact the professionals at Clearwater Window & Door Inc by calling (727) 559-7007. It might sound strange to ‘enjoy a hurricane,’ but you’ll come a lot closer once your family and home are protected with the right windows to combat the strong winds. Visit us in person to see hurricane windows in person, go over details, and ask questions. Our showroom is located at 2025 Gulf to Bay Blvd Clearwater, FL 33765 and we’re here to help you protect your home and enjoy the next storm.

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