Having Hurricane Window Goals

As a homeowner, you have certain priorities that are important to you. Getting hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL is usually a very smart move for your home. They bring a new level of protection and they look nice as well. Your home is worth more and there are many other benefits. While most homeowners have certain goals for these windows, like further protection in the event of a storm, there are other goals you can set and reach through the project. Here are a few to consider and keep an eye on as you make your choices.

Home Energy Efficiency

When you get hurricane windows, not only can you expect a good level of protection in the event of a storm, but you can also expect a high level of energy efficiency in your home. Think of it this way…if these windows don’t let hurricane winds through, they aren’t going to let small, every day breezes through, either. So while you have comfort in your home right away, you have peace of mind about the storms, and you have lower bills all at once. All hurricane windows are going to bring higher efficiency, but if you make that a goal, you can get upgrades that make them even better for your home.

Unique Beauty

Of course, you want your home to look nice and most likely, any windows you choose will make the home look fresher than it did with old windows on it. But if aesthetics is highly important to you, make your home’s appearance a goal and try to put some unique beauty into the touches you place on the house. You can put in a bay or bow window, for example, to give it the architectural interest and add value and beauty to the home. You can also put in some windows of unusual shapes or sizes to make things look nice.

Natural Lighting

When you get new windows, you can expect more light in your home because windows today (even hurricane windows) have smaller frames and larger glass space, which allows in more light. You might think that hurricane windows are big and bulky in the frame department, but that’s not true. When you have more natural lighting, your home feels more open and welcoming. Your family might be in a better mood from the light as well and you feel more productive. Make it a goal and see how you can incorporate more light along with the other things you want from the project.

Getting hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL is an investment and if you have goals for the process, you should meet them in every way when you get the new windows installed. Hurricane windows are known for being strong and combatting hurricane winds, but they can do a lot more than that on the days when there is no hurricane—which is most days. Contact the professionals at Clearwater Window & Door Inc for details on new windows. Let us in on your goals and we’ll help you find the windows to match and exceed your expectations.

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