Home Upgrade Options Including Hurricane Windows

Unless you bought a fixer-upper, your house was likely in good condition when you moved in. But over the years, things age and, as they say, nothing lasts forever. You might want to upgrade certain things in the home to enhance its comfort, change its appearance, and catch the eye more. There are lots of things you can do, depending on what your home needs. Getting hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL is always a smart way to go. Here are a few options to consider for home upgrades.

A Brand New Front Door

Your front door goes through a lot and if it’s fading or chipping, that shows from the curb. It might also not be very energy efficient, either. Putting a new front door on the house can save you money on energy bills and it can put a new, fresh look on your home. You can get something to match the window or trim colors, or you can get something to contrast the house. You might even get a door that has a decorative window in it to make things look even nicer.

Change Up Landscaping

You might not be great at keeping up with yard work, and that’s okay, not everyone is. If your landscaping has gotten out of hand, you might want to change things up. Take old, dead, or overgrown bushes and put in things that don’t overstay their welcome or grow too big. Flowers are always nice or smaller plants like hostas that don’t take much attention but look green and nice. Your house will have a finished look and it can help you to raise the overall value of your home along with its appearance.

Paint The Siding For a New Lookhurricane windows Pinellas County, FL

Siding can fade and it can also chip and peel. When you start to notice that it doesn’t look as good as it used to, you might want to paint the siding another color. Painting the same color can give your home a fresh look, but you can choose another color and that can make things look even newer.

Put A New Roof On

The roof isn’t something you want to replace just because. But roofing materials don’t last forever and your roof may have seen enough of the weather elements to wear it out. When you see that wear happening, it might leak at any time and you want to prevent that kind of damage. Getting a new roof gives you protection and you can also get new coloring to give your home the fresh look you want from the outside as well as the safety you need inside.

Install Hurricane Windows

Older windows are going to leave your home vulnerable to the elements, but they also can make the whole house look old and worn out. When you get hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL installed, you address all of those things at once. Your house will look new and fresh and you will have a great height of energy efficiency restored so you can enjoy lower energy bills.

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