Making Your Garage A Nice Workspace

The garage is often a catch-all storage space where you throw boxes and tools, and store your cars. But you might also have a corner that you would like to use for a workspace. Perhaps you want to build birdhouses, work on car parts, or do any other variety of things. There are things you may need to do to the garage so you can make it into a nice workspace. And, protecting the space with hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL might be important to you as well.

Declutter First

One of the first steps you might want to take is to declutter the garage and see what all you have out there. You might have boxes all over the place and you may not even know what’s in them. Perhaps they have gotten damaged over the years and you really just need to throw them out. Go through the garage and declutter the things that you need to get rid of or move around.


Once you know what you have in the garage, you have the large task of organizing it all. You might want to rebox the items you are keeping and place them on shelves nicely. Get some hanging racks for tools and other such things. When you have items organized nicely, you are going to know where to access them, and that can help you to enjoy and use the things you want to have in the space.


After you have the clutter off the floor, sweep everything out and perhaps rinse the floor with the hose, too. Dust off the shelves and rid of the cobwebs. A clean garage is a much nicer place for you to spend time and get some work done.

Invest In Functionalityhurricane windows Pinellas County, FL

There might be some things you are going to need to make the garage a functional place. You may need to invest in some plastic boxes so your items are better protected and easier to store. Shelving is another option. You can also get hangers to hand bikes, tools, garden equipment, and other items out of the way. Spending a little money on storage and functionality can make the garage a better workspace for everyone who might want to use it.

Consider Hurricane Windows

Garages sometimes have single-pane windows on the doors because that’s all you really need, but you may want to consider hurricane windows as a sound investment. If you have precious items in the garage, those windows can protect the items during bad storms—and from intruders. If you decide to heat or cool the garage, the windows can also help you with energy efficiency and comfort, too. Talk to the professionals about the options and see what you might want to do moving forward.

If you are considering hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL, either for your garage or other parts of your house, have a free consultation with the professionals to look into options and get advice as to how you might want to move forward.

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