Resale Value of Your Home Hurricane Windows in Pinellas County, FL

Your house is where you spend a lot of time, keep your belongings, and invest money. You want the value of your home to increase over time or at least remain constant. Installing hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL, is one of the best methods to raise the value of your Florida house.

Besides warding off dangerous storms, these windows offer numerous advantages, such as increasing the value of your property. This article will discuss how hurricane windows increase the value of your home to determine whether installing them is worthwhile if you intend to sell soon.

Do Hurricane Windows Increase the Cost of A Home?

Hurricane windows usually increase the value of your house while making it simpler to sell. Interest in hurricane windows has increased along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts due to the more than 18 named storms that made landfall in Florida during the 2019 hurricane season. Homebuyers want to buy a home that hurricanes won’t damage, and statistics suggest that they’re more likely to choose a home with added safety features like hurricane windows.

Some data suggest that individuals are prepared to pay more for these homes, which could indicate that this is the case. Your home’s worth will fluctuate depending on its location and other elements, such as whether it has installed storm protection systems, just like everything else in real estate. Consult a real estate professional about the future of your property before deciding whether or not to install hurricane windows to ensure that it’s the best option for you.

How Do Hurricane Windows Affect a House’s Value?

There are also anecdotal accounts that installing hurricane windows can increase a home’s value, but it takes more work to locate concrete figures. Hurricane windows will increase the value of your property if you reside in a high-risk location. However, before choosing, you should research the region in question.

hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2022 Cost vs. Value Report, homes in the South Atlantic Region of the United States that had their windows replaced with vinyl-framed windows paid an average of $19,900 for the operation. However, when the owners sold them, these windows were worth $13,022. In other words, the owners received back 65% of the installation cost. These findings demonstrate that installing ordinary vinyl windows will not increase a home’s value.

If you previously had little to no storm protection, hurricane windows may increase the value of your home more than standard windows. But it seems likely that you would only gain something from including them. The answer will depend on where you reside and the specifics of your house, such as whether or not you’ve already installed storm protection.

Installing hurricane-resistant windows can be a fantastic investment if you intend to sell or refinance your property shortly. So are you prepared to maximize your financial resources? Contact us for a free estimate if you wish to install hurricane windows in your Pinellas County, FL home to increase its resale value.

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