The Top Safest Hurricane Homes

When you moved to Florida, perhaps you were worried about hurricane season. After all, the whole country has seen the devastation that nasty storm can do to that area through the TV screen. If you want safety for your family and your home, there are a few different options. When you are building a home, you get to make the decisions upfront. If you already have a home, you might have to change things and include items like hurricane windows in Clearwater, FL to get the safety you need. Here are the safest types of homes when you want to combat hurricane storms that are bound to come through at some point.

Homes With No Windows

Have you ever seen a home without windows? Most likely not. Do they even exist? They are most certainly the safest kind of home to have when a hurricane comes through the area. With no windows to break, there won’t be any winds coming through the house, pushing the pressure up, ruining the roof, and causing structural damage. A house without windows is certainly safe, but it’s not exactly a nice place to live. There’s no natural lighting, no ventilation options, no view. Who wants to live like that when they live in a place as beautiful as Florida? While it might be the safest option when a storm comes through, there are many more days of the year when there aren’t storms than there are days that have storms. Homeowners have to enjoy their homes or why bother living in this region in the first place?

Homes With Hurricane Windows

The second safest type of home to have in Florida is a home with hurricane windows installed. These homes are safe against hurricanes because the windows don’t break, even when things like bricks and other debris are flying around and get thrown against the windows. They also don’t have to deal with winds whirling around inside, pressure changes, and structural damage because the strong windows remain intact and in place. These homes have further advantages because they still get natural lighting, ventilation options, and views during other parts of the year. But when hurricanes roll through, homeowners don’t have to do anything to prepare. The windows will do all of the work for them.

If your options are no windows at all or hurricane windows in Clearwater, FL, what would you choose? It’s a safe bet that any homeowner would rather have hurricane windows. If you are building a house, you can start off in the right manner with that type of window. If you have an existing home that doesn’t have hurricane windows, consider getting them sooner rather than later to remain safe the next time a storm rolls through. Contact the professionals at Clearwater Window & Door Inc located at 2025 Gulf to Bay Blvd Clearwater, FL 33765 for details on the project. You can call us at (727) 559-7007 with questions or to set up a time to come in for a free consultation for more details.

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