The Worth Of Hurricane Windows

Have you ever heard someone say that something is worth its weight in gold? That simply means that the item they are talking about is highly valuable, even if it isn’t really gold. When you think of hurricane windows in Pinellas County, what do you think they are worth? To many homeowners, they are like gold because they end up being more valuable than any other home improvement. Here’s why:

The Damages They Avoid

If you’ve ever been in the midst of a hurricane, or at least seen what one can do through your TV screen, you know how much damage they can cause. Now that you have a home in Florida, you want to avoid that type of damage to your home. Sometimes, hurricanes cause damage because they get into homes and buildings. They break windows with flying debris and then, once the high winds are inside, they push up, blow off roofs, damage walls, and throw things around. All of that can be avoided when homes have hurricane windows on them. The windows won’t break so the hurricane winds are never allowed inside to do that kind of irreparable damage. Possessions are safe. Family is safe. The home stays intact. With that kind of protection, it’s no wonder homeowners believe these windows are worth their weight in gold.

The Money They Save

Not only can hurricane windows help you avoid a lot of damages and the hassles that come from trying to clean up and make repairs, but they can do a lot for your home even on the sunny days with no hurricanes in sight. Sure, hurricane windows were created to combat hurricanes and they do that well, but they can also take on daily life in an easy fashion that makes things lighter on your end. Hurricane windows keep out hurricane winds. So you know they can keep out the light breeze and the air that tries to move in and out of your house from both sides. That results in savings for you since the more airtight your home is, the more energy efficiently it will operate. You get savings on a monthly basis on your energy bills because of the windows. You can pay yourself back from the investment. Plus, since they are a valuable asset on any home in this area, they will pay you back even further if you ever sell the home. You can put a higher price on the house then!

If you are ready for hurricane windows in Pinellas County, the professionals at Clearwater Window & Door Inc are here to help. We know everything you need to know about the process and we’re more than willing to share that information with you. Visit our showroom at 2025 Gulf to Bay Blvd Clearwater, FL 33765 and we can show you around, point out ratings labels, and start the project by your side. We can also answer your questions when you call (727) 559-7007. Hurricane windows are definitely worth their weight in gold and we want you to have that quality on your home.

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