What Good Are Impact Resistant Windows In The Off Season?

There are two types of homes in Florida: those with standard windows and those with Pinellas Country, FL impact resistant windows. If you are about ready to get replacement windows, which will you go with? If you have standard windows, it’s obvious what the benefits of impact resistant versions are during hurricane season—they protect your home from high winds and flying debris. But that’s only a short time of the year. What about the rest of the year and the other seasons? Are those windows worth the extra investment? The truth it, impact resistant windows will bring plenty to your home and lifestyle any time of the year. Here are a few of the things you would enjoy:

Further Efficiency 

Impact resistant windows are built strong. If you throw a brick at the window, it doesn’t break. So it only makes sense that nothing else can get through, either. No wind, no rain, nothing. Energy efficiency is a huge thing for any Florida resident, especially during the summer when things really heat up. But with impact resistant windows, that summer heat and even the winter chill is no problem at all. You get lower bills and higher comfort every season of the year because of those strong windows.

Higher Value 

If you are comparing standard windows to impact resistant windows, you’ll quickly see that the hurricane windows cost more. However, they’re also worth more. Potential buyers are going to pay more for a home that has those windows over one that doesn’t. You can expect to get your invested money back when you sell your home. And you’ll have further protection and efficiency in the meantime.

Protection From Accidents 

You can’t predict what’s going to happen around your house. Whether you live on a golf course or near some neighbor kids, a ball could hit the window. Maybe someone will target your house and try to break in or perhaps someone will stumble and fall against a window inside. But with impact resistant windows, none of that matters. The windows hold up and your home (and the people inside it) are safe.

Noise Pollution Reduction 

It’s always good to reduce pollution, but what about noise pollution in your home? Do you really enjoy hearing everything around your house? Impact resistant windows can drastically cut back on the noise that seeps into your home through the windows, restoring your peace and quiet once and for all.

If you’re ready for Pinellas Country, FL impact resistant windows, the professionals at Clearwater Window & Door Inc can talk to you about the process and the details involved. Come by our showroom at 2025 Gulf to Bay Blvd Clearwater, FL 33765 and you can see just how attractive these windows are. You can also call for a free consultation at (727) 559-7007 and we’ll take a look at your budget and your circumstances and give you the best advice from expert levels. Visit our website for more information at clearwaterwindowanddoor.com.

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