What The Wrong Windows Do To A Home

There are two types of windows on the market: the right windows for your home and the wrong windows for your home. What will the wrong windows do? Plenty of things you don’t want. If you have older windows on your house instead of nice, new hurricane windows in St. Petersburg, FL, those older windows are wrong as well. Here are some things old and wrong windows will show in your home that you’d rather not see:

Wrong Windows Allow Drafts

Old windows or poorly installed new windows will allow drafts to come through your home. These air leaks are not only uncomfortable, but they cause the energy in your home to leak right out, wasting it before you get to use it. You still have to pay for that energy, which means your bills will be higher. And you never get the benefits you should have for it. Hurricane windows, on the other hand, are known for their efficiency. If they don’t let high force winds through to your home, they certainly aren’t going to let everyday drafts through. They are the right windows if you want efficiency.

Wrong Windows Look Awful

Older windows have a tendency to sag and take down the whole curb appeal of your home. Even if you get new windows, they don’t have to look good. They’re the wrong windows if they aren’t installed right and have gaps, are the wrong color, don’t have a style that suits the home, and so on. The list goes on and on and only hurricane windows with the right details end up being the exact right fit.

Wrong Windows Create More Work

Older windows can add a lot to your work list. You have to maintain them, or they stop functioning well. You have to do things like paint and scrape, and you have to caulk around them so they will (hopefully) stop leaking so badly. When you get new windows, if they aren’t installed well, they can create more work for you as well. But the right hurricane windows will take work away. They’re new and fresh and their vinyl materials take away the need for maintenance both now and later.

There are a lot of other things the wrong windows can do to your home that you don’t want to have done to it. Keep in mind that even old windows can be wrong windows when they are past their prime. Instead of dealing with what the wrong windows are doing, consider hurricane windows in St. Petersburg, FL to make everything right again. Contact the professionals at

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