How to Get the Most from a Hurricane Windows Switch in Pinellas County, FL

You need to understand hurricane windows in Pinellas county, FL if you wish to upgrade from conventional windows to ones that can endure a storm. What distinguishes them from ordinary ones? How can you ensure that the windows you buy are the right ones for your home?

The glass’s quality and the window’s construction quality are often considered when rating hurricane windows. Below are some tips on getting the most from switching to hurricane windows.

Install Hurricane Window Film

Choose a sturdy and transparent plastic hurricane film because it can stay in place all year and is nearly invisible. Hurricane film will prevent the glass from flying all over your home if it breaks. If you know how to do it yourself and are competent, you can install hurricane film on your windows for as little as $25 per linear foot. The coating prevents UV rays from fading fabrics and carpets.

Hurricane film’s biggest drawback is that it isn’t robust enough to prevent hurricane gusts from tearing through the entire window frame. Due to this, most insurance companies do not offer discounts for hurricane film, and you should additionally use plywood to cover your windows.

Add Hurricane Shutters

You can install shutters that roll up or fold like an accordion when a storm is approaching. They are simple to install. Consider closing these shutters before a hurricane to prevent damaged or broken windows. Look for shutters with holes in them or those made of robust and transparent fiberglass if you want plenty of light. Installing storm shutters can range from $10 to $50 per square foot, depending on the type and material.

Install High-Impact Glass Hurricane Windows

High-impact glass windows are beneficial since they are constantly present and prepared to withstand any blows from hurricane-force winds. These sturdy companions are created by joining two pieces of tempered glass together with a thin plastic coating. They are available in regular sizes and shapes. However, you should understand that high-impact glass is three times more expensive than standard glass for the same size and style of window.

Build a Sturdy Frame

Even the most rigid glass can withstand so much force before breaking. However, rain, wind, and debris can enter through the frame space if a powerful force can move it out of place. The worst-case scenario would be for a storm to completely break your window, allowing Mother Nature to enter your house in the middle of a storm.

hurricane windows in Pinellas county, FL

The frames of hurricane-resistant windows are composed of tougher materials like aluminum or vinyl. The impact glass also undergoes a unique silicone glazing procedure to prevent it from separating from the frame. The frame is thicker and better constructed, and it is also better bonded to the glass. This makes the system more wind-resistant.

Even hurricanes can be terrifying, but nothing compares to the thought of 155 mph flying glass shattering across your living room. The above tips will help you get the most from switching to hurricane windows. Contact us if you need to install or modify your hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL.

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