Upgrade Entry Doors Along With Hurricane Window Installation

If you decide that your windows are worn out, and it’s time to get new hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL installed, that project is going to work well on your home. You will have much higher efficiency and comfort in your home as well as a fresh aesthetic on the exterior and more natural light on the interior. There are plenty of other benefits as well. When you put a fresh look on your home, you might also want to consider an entry door in the front of your house. That door, if it is old and worn, can bring the house down. Freshening the door can help you to put both projects together at once. Here are a few benefits of that process.

Install Everything At Once

When you put new windows onto your house, it will only take a day or two to complete the installation process. You can get an entry door from the same company and have them install it on the same day. Both projects are done and out of the way in no time. You don’t have to pay separate installation fees or waste more of your time. Everything will be in and behind you within a day or two.

Get Increased Security And Protection

If windows are the most vulnerable part of a home, the entry door comes in second. Older doors are easier to open from the outside and they can also let air leak through, just like a window can. Putting in a new, fresh, strong door can help you to increase the security of your home even more than just hurricane windows can. You will have protection around every opening, both windows, and doors.

Wrap Your Home In Comforthurricane windows Pinellas County, FL

One of the reasons you might install hurricane windows in the first place is to restore your home’s comfort. Old, leaky windows can let in a lot of air, and let it out as well. You feel the drafts and your HVAC might struggle to keep up with the temperature you have set. Getting hurricane windows will help to even things out, but when you get a new entry door at the same time, you are restoring your home all the way around to a new level of comfort. It can help block air from going in or out and help you to get the efficiency you really want in the home.

Increase The Curb Appeal Even More

New hurricane windows are going to give your home a higher curb appeal. A new entry door will do the same. When you do both together, you put a completely new, fresh look on your home. You can get a door that blends in, something decorative with some glass in it, or something in a bright color that stands out and draws the eye. The projects together can help you to give your home the aesthetic you want when you approach it.

It’s important to get hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL when you need them, and pairing them with a new entry door can help, too.

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