Terms To Know Regarding Hurricane Windows

When you are in the market for new windows for your home, and you are thinking about getting hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL, there are certain terms that you may want to know to make the process easier on you as a whole. It’s okay if it’s your first time making this kind of purchase because most homeowners, like you, haven’t been through the process before. But you might want to figure out some of the terms so you are more comfortable with the overall project as you move forward.


When the professionals talk about panes of glass, that basically refers to a single sheet of glass. Most windows today, including hurricane windows, come with double pane glass. That means there are two sheets, or two panes of glass. Some even come with triple pane glass if you go for upgrades. So the glass pane is the sheet of glass that you will look through on your windows.


Windows can be set up in different styles and the sashes are the parts of the windows that move. On a casement window, there is just one window sash as the whole window will move in or out based on how you crank it. On a double hung window, there are two sashes. They are kind of like two separate windows in one frame. They can move up or down. The sash isn’t something you would wear, but rather a part of a window that you will become familiar with as you choose styles and options.

Single Or Double Hung

While it makes sense to hear double or triple pane glass in relation to how many sheets of glass are on the window, what are single or double hung windows? That sounds strange because once you hang a window, it’s hung. You don’t have to hang it twice, right? In this case, the hung portion is talking about a window style. Single and double hung windows look the same, but they act differently. On single hung windows, only the lower half of the window will raise. With double hung, the upper half of the window can also move and lower. You can open both the top and bottom parts of the window.

Gas Fillings

There are going to be spaces between the panes of glass and these are usually filled with air. But you will also likely hear about upgrades that include gas fillings. There are harmless gasses that allow you to get more insulation in your home between those panes of glass.

Impact Resistance

One of the most important parts of a window actually being a hurricane window is the impact resistance. With this feature, instead of the glass breaking into a thousand pieces when something hits it, it does not break. The professionals can explain to you what about the hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL makes that happen and it’s interesting to hear how they test the glass in order to ensure the best impact resistance for your home and the safety of those in it.

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