Accidents Hurricane Windows Prevent

You know based on their name that hurricane windows in Tampa, FL help to protect your home during a hurricane storm. They have been tested by actual missiles and they still don’t break. They can certainly handle the things that hurricane storms will throw at them. That makes them worthwhile enough, but you might not think about the idea that they can prevent other accidents from happening in and around your home. Here are just a few to be thankful will never happen once you have the windows installed.

Your Dog Got Excited And Jumped At The Window

If your dog likes squirrels, and what dog doesn’t, he might sit by the window and watch them. Not every dog is going to remember that he’s inside and the squirrel is outside. When a critter gets too close, he could launch himself at the window hard enough to break it. That leads to dangerous cuts on the dog and who knows what might happen from there. When you have hurricane windows, if your dog tries this stunt, he’ll have quite a headache, but he won’t be harmed in other ways.

The Golfers Nearby Are Bad Shots

If you live on a golf course, you probably find balls in your yard all the time. You might have even already been through a broken window or two. It’s a bummer to have to have a new window pane installed, to clean up the glass, and to pay for the damage every time someone hits a bad shot. When you have hurricane windows, it doesn’t matter how bad the golfers are, if they hit your windows, you’ll hear a noise, but that’ll be that. You don’t have to worry about broken glass any longer.

Hurricane windows in Tampa, FL

The Clumsy Kid Takes A Fall

Most families have at least one kid who just always seems to get hurt, no matter how safe they are trying to be. They can trip over their own feet and break an arm. You don’t want to know what could happen if they trip over a rug and fall into a window in your home. Glass embedded in nasty places can really be an injury. Falling into a hurricane window can cause a bruise, but it’ll end in laughs instead of serious injuries.

There are plenty of things that can happen around windows and you never really know what might occur. To protect your family, your pets, and your house in general from these accidents, you might want to consider hurricane windows in Tampa, FL. These windows look just like regular windows so you get all of the choices you would have in other windows. You can choose the style, the color, the hardware, and other such things. But you get the strength you want for your family as well. It’s also pretty nice that the windows protect your home well during hurricane season in case a big storm rolls through. The professionals at Clearwater Window & Door Inc are here to help you with the replacement process.

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