Investing In Hurricane Windows Pays Off

If you know you need new windows, replacements are coming, but you still have to decide what kind of windows you are going to get. You can get standard replacement windows, which will still be a lot better than what you have on your home now, or you can get hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL. While hurricane windows are going to cost more, they are a true investment—and one that will pay off. Here are a few ways in which investing in hurricane windows will pay off during your years of homeownership.

Lower Energy Bills

Something you will notice about hurricane windows right away is that they lower your energy bills. When you think about it, it makes good sense. These windows don’t let through hurricane winds, there’s no way they are going to let small winds through, either. Since they don’t leak air, you don’t waste any energy. You use much less energy, and that means you pay for much less energy. The investment will start to pay you back right away in energy bill savings.

Further Comfort

In addition to having lower energy bills and using less energy, you can enjoy more comfort in your home. The windows are going to allow the thermostat to do its job and finally keep a nice, steady temperature in the home. You can enjoy what you set in every room of the house at all times. You pay less for energy, and you are more comfortable. It seems like the best of both words—because it is.

Lower Insurance Bills

When you install hurricane windows, you need to let your insurance company know. Any time you make a change in your home that makes it a safer place to live, you could see reductions in your homeowner’s insurance coverage. The insurance company knows your house is less of a risk, so they don’t ask you to pay as much upfront for their coverage. It’s nice to see that bill break, too.

hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL

Less Damage Risk

You know it’s only a matter of time before a storm blow through your area, given where you live, and when it does, your home is at a much smaller risk for damage. The windows won’t break and let in the winds and the rain. There’s no water damage, no structural damage, no roof issues, and so on. You have much less damage overall than other homes, thanks to your windows.

When it’s time to switch out your old windows for new ones, standard windows will hep your home with efficiency and comfort, but hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL will do much more than that. They cost more upfront, but they save you more on energy bills, insurance, and damage in the future. The professionals at Clearwater Window & Door Inc are here to help you figure out what’s best for your home. We can go over all of the benefits of hurricane windows and then, let you decide what direction you want to take for your home’s future.

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