Trends In Hurricane Windows

When you decide it’s time to get new windows for your home, you might want to consider hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL. That type of window is a trend itself and it can benefit your home a great deal. But when you get new windows of any kind, you get to make all of the decisions. It’s nice to know what’s popular and what’s on-trend as well as what the classic styles are so you can make an informed decision as to what your home needs.

Bay And Bow Windows In The Living/Dining Area

Bay and bow windows are great in any area of the home, but they are particularly popular in the dining or living area. These windows jut out of the house, creating architectural interest inside and out. They also bring in more natural light and actually add more space to that room, which is often nice in those particular rooms. You can use the extra space as a reading nook, a breakfast area, or anything else you want. Not only do they look nice, but they allow you a better view of what’s going on outside as well.

Energy Efficiency Is Classic

Efficiency is not only ‘in style,’ but it’s also something that is never going to go off trend. Everyone wants efficiency so they can pay less for their energy bills and have further comfort in their home. One thing that is nice about hurricane windows, in particular, is that they are more efficient than normal windows. They don’t let hurricane winds through and they won’t let everyday winds through, either. You get even higher efficiency with these windows than you do with the average windows, though even regular replacement windows will help.

Eye-Catching Options

Not every window has to stand out, but having a few that are different from the rest can be a nice way to go. You might put an octagonal window above the entry door or garage, for example. Bay and bow windows are also good eye-catching options. You might get a glass that is etched or even stained to bring beauty to a certain window feature. There are lots of options for special window placements.

Floor-To-Ceiling Windowshurricane windows in Pinellas County , FL

Natural light is a huge trend right now and there’s no bigger way to let in more light than to have floor-to-ceiling windows in your home. They are eye-catching, give you more of an indoor/outdoor living space, and they can help bring in light and ventilate all at once. Since they are so popular, they are going to raise the value of your home further than regular windows would have.

Impact-Resistant Glass

This describes hurricane windows. The glass doesn’t break and it’s nice to know that you are going to be safe during hurricanes or other bad storms. While this window type is very popular around here, other areas of the country are using it for other benefits, like energy efficiency and safety.

When you are looking into hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL, knowing the trends can help with decisions.

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