What is the Biggest Hurricane Threat You Should Worry About

Any storm has the potential to wreak unexpected devastation, whether it is strong or weak. Typical images of hurricane destruction include storm-driven waves slamming toward the shore and obliterating buildings and fishing piers close to the water. The amount of damage a hurricane can do varies depending on its strength. Luckily, you can alleviate some of the damage by installing hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL. This article will outline the biggest hurricane threats you must be aware of.

Storm Tide and Storm Surge

The storm surges and large waves from hurricanes pose the greatest threat to persons and property along the coast. Storm surge is the unnatural rise in water level by a storm’s winds. Storm surges can extend hundreds of miles down the coast and reach heights of more than 20 feet.

On the other hand, storm tide refers to the increase in water level brought on by a storm surge and astronomical tide. Storm surges and tides can erode beaches and dunes, ruin buildings, destroy roads and bridges along the shore, and kill people. They can move inland for many miles. Estuaries and bayous suffer when salt water enters them, which harms the ecosystem and human health.

High Winds

Winds of 74 mph or greater can destroy mobile homes and buildings. During storms, little items left outside, such as signs, roofing, and siding materials, turn into flying projectiles. During a tropical storm, those caught in powerful winds are at risk.


Tropical cyclones often deliver widespread, hefty rainfall over 6 inches, resulting in disastrous and deadly floods. Flash flooding—when water levels rise swiftly—can quickly happen when it rains heavily. Rivers and streams can flood for several days following a storm.

A tropical cyclone’s intensity is not directly correlated with how much rain it produces. Instead, it relies on the storm’s size, pace, and topography; more rain falls with larger, slower-moving storms. Additionally, it rains more when a tropical cyclone strikes a mountainous region.

How to Prepare for Hurricane Threats

According to meteorologists, each storm is unique due to its size, speed, and direction. According to NOAA, every tropical system has a unique collection of threats that can harm people’s lives. So even if you’ve already experienced a hurricane in your neighborhood, new threats could arise from future storms.

Following local news and beginning your hurricane plan as soon as possible are the best ways to prepare for a storm. But, according to experts, there is still time to prepare and get supplies, even if the storm is approaching.

hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL

However, while there is still time to prepare, it is crucial to take this threat seriously and implement your hurricane strategy methodically and calmly. Go over your storm preparedness strategy slowly and calmly.

The most likely areas of a house to sustain damage during a hurricane are the roof, walls, openings, and foundation. For this reason, you must install impact-resistant windows and doors to protect your premises and property from threats.

Hurricanes can threaten lives and property. For this reason, you need to take extra measures to avoid the threats. Contact us for your quote for hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL.

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