Why Aluminum is the Most Preferred Material for Hurricane Windows

Many residents opt for aluminum hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL. Because of aluminum’s inherent strength, these products may be produced in the largest sizes and with the highest design pressures. In addition, aluminum frames coated with a durable finish may last even in the most challenging high-salt beachside circumstances.

It is less energy efficient than vinyl or wood-clad because of how it heats and cools. Thermally fractured aluminum contains a layer of substance between the aluminum that helps block heat from passing through, lowering U-values and making your home cooler if energy conservation is essential to you.

This article will outline why most homeowners prefer installing aluminum hurricane windows.

It Is Light

Aluminum is one of the lightest metals used to create roofs, windows, and doors. It has a density of 2.7gm/cm3 which facilitates the installation of windows and doors and their use. Even yet, the metal is sturdy enough for window and door frames. Additionally, it never breaks even when supported by their weight.

It Does Not Corrode

A thin film of aluminum oxide develops on the aluminum’s surface when the metal is exposed to air. The coating prevents the interior material from rusting even if it rains. All you need is to use cleaning supplies due to exposure to acid rain. You might also use some paint to ensure the surface lasts longer.

It Isn’t Easy To Break

Aluminum is both light and flexible. It can be bent, yet doing so does not reduce its strength. As a result, it qualifies as both ductile and malleable, and it is one of the best metals for more than just windows, doors, and roofs.

It Is Recyclable

Like most metals, aluminum is recyclable repeatedly. It is one of the better options for the environment as a result.

It Makes the Best Alloys

Even though aluminum looks attractive when combined with other metals, it cannot be utilized in its unprocessed state. This is because this form lacks sufficient tensile strength, which is required for various applications.

It becomes more robust when combined with copper, silicon, or magnesium. The tensile strength of pure aluminum is approximately 90 MPa, but when combined with other metals, it increases to 690 MPa.

It Is Simple To Form Into Various Shapes

Aluminum can be formed into any shape since it is so simple to work with. This makes it a superior option for creating doors and windows requiring constant modification in shape. Aluminum is your best buddy if you construct impact windows and doors for a living because it requires less effort and is more affordable.

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It Looks Fantastic

Each type of aluminum glows uniquely. Anodizing or powder coating the surface, which gives it a smooth finish, will enhance the shine even further. This function enables you to create the most fashionable windows and doors out of aluminum.

Investing in aluminum hurricane windows is a smart move. Aluminum, one of the materials utilized for almost anything, originates from the earth’s core and always functions flawlessly. Contact us to supply and install aluminum hurricane windows in Pinellas County, FL.

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