Get Away from Outside Inside your home

When you get done working for the day, you go home and go inside for a variety of reasons. When you are tired of being outside, you go inside. When you want to cool down from the Pinellas County heat, you go inside. When you want to get away from…

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Window Glass and Energy Efficiency

Looking for new windows for your Pinellas County home opens up a whole can of worms. There are so many options it’s hard to figure out where to start. Most homeowners first decide on a material for the window’s frames. That’s a great place to start, but it certainly isn’t…

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Comparing Sliding to Double-Hung Windows

When you are looking for replacement windows, it can be hard to choose a material. That is the first step you will want to take. Most homeowners go with vinyl windows these days because they are cost-effective, energy efficient, and attractive. Once you settle that matter, you will have to…

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Bay Windows or Bow Windows?

When you live in Pinellas County, you have a lot of beautiful weather to enjoy. You might have a nice view outside your home as well. Even when it’s hot and humid outside, you want to enjoy the outdoor living style, even if you remain inside. That might mean getting…

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What Windows are Best for Each Room?

Your house isn’t like any other house in Pinellas County because it’s yours. Likewise, no two rooms of your house are alike. When it comes time to replace your windows, you don’t have to get the same window for every room of the house. You have plenty of options to…

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What Can You Do with Your Windows?

If you live in an older home in Pinellas County, you may have to replace the windows at some point. New windows are long-lasting and highly durable, but older windows have their issues. If you have windows that won’t open or close properly, have air leaks and gaps around them,…

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Vinyl Windows…They Add Up!

Utility bills…do you love them or hate them? You probably don’t love them…who would? Did you know that your heating and cooling make up a large part of that bill? You can save quite a bit of money if you have the right windows in your home. And you can…

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Lowering Electric Bills in a Home

Your home may be beautiful, but if it has any age behind it, it could be costly to maintain over the years. Older homes cause a lot of issues as you attempt to keep them in good condition, but they also often have leaks, drafts, and other inefficiencies. These can…

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Home Energy Conservation Tips

When you own a home in Pinellas County, you know what your energy bills are like. There aren’t many homeowners who wouldn’t like lower bills. You want to try to lower those bills any way you can, but those utility bills might seem out of control. In order to take…

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Never Overlook Window Energy Efficiency

When you are looking into windows for your Pinellas County house, there are a number of things you will want to check out. You will care about what the windows look like and where you can find the best quality replacement windows. You will also consider the accessories like cranks,…

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